Everyone, everywhere matters to God.

Because of that, we’re reaching beyond our walls in order to impact those who don’t yet know Him locally in the Omaha area and globally, to the ends of the earth!

We know we can’t be everywhere – so to accomplish this, we are focusing our efforts in the following four specific areas of impact:

  • Start and Strengthen Churches
  • Develop Church Leaders
  • At Risk Kids and Teens
  • Unleash Compassion

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Make a Difference

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Start & Strengthen Churches

There are still people all over the world that don’t know about the life that God has made available to us through Christ. The local church is God’s plan A for the spread of the Gospel and for meeting the needs of a hurting world. We support “planting” new churches, so that more and more people have an opportunity to learn about God’s design and desire for all of us.

Develop Church Leaders

All churches need strong leaders who both know about God’s Word and can effectively communicate it to people. There’s a lot that goes into leading each church, so we support and facilitate programs that help people learn how to be good church leaders.

Serve at Risk Kids & Teens

A majority of people form their life-long opinion about God before they reach adulthood. Calvary believes in supporting missions that will specifically reach out to children and young adults, so they can have an opportunity to know and follow Jesus.

Unleash Compassion

The story of the Bible is how God continues to unleash compassion on a world that has turned from him. As we follow Jesus and learn to live and love like him, we want to show others that same compassion. We are dedicated to using our time, energy, and resources to unleash compassion into our communities.

Sarpy Care Center

The Sarpy Care Center exists to be a safe and welcoming place to receive practical help, be connected to a Christ-centered community, and take steps toward a sustainable future. It’s a practical way for us to be the hands and feet of Jesus right here in our community.

Learn more about the Sarpy Care Center and how you can get involved below.


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