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Foster + Respite Interest?

Interested in Foster Care? Whether you have a thousand questions or are ready to go – or both – we’d love to chat with you! We partner with a local agency called the Child Saving Institute, and we’d love to connect with you, pray with you, and help you figure out what your next steps are!

Get involved

There are two ways to get involved with foster care. Click below to learn more.

I’m interested in becoming a foster parent or respite provider.

I’m interested in different ways I can serve at-risk kids and youth or the foster families that serve them.

We know there are many ways to serve at-risk kids and teens.

Though there are many needs and many ways to meet them, here are some examples of ways we can serve kids, teens, and their families.

We can help with our hands:

  • To keep kids and teens from entering foster care by repairing cars or homes to increase safety.
  • To help foster families update their homes to make space for kids and teens.

We can make meals:

  • For families that take new placements.
  • For kids and teens waiting to find out where they’ll go.
  • To help kids feel welcome in a place.

We can care for kids and teens:

  • While their parents get trained to help other kids and teens.
  • By showing them they matter.
  • By mentoring.

We can pray for and encourage:

  • Birth families working to maintain safety in their home.
  • Foster families and their kids.
  • Child welfare workers.
  • At-risk kids and teens.

More Info

Are you looking to connect or ask questions about foster care or our ministry? Or are you already a foster parent or respite provider? Click the button below to contact our team leader! We’d love to connect with you.