Kids Baptism

Talking to Kids About Baptism

We want to empower parents to help their kids make significant decisions about their faith. A simple resource is available, as well as a children’s baptism course offered four times a year.

Kids Baptism Class

The children’s baptism course is a six-week study offered four times a year. This class, designed for first through fifth graders, begins with an initial session for parents and children, continues with a take-home packet of materials that parents and kids can study together over the next six weeks, and concludes with a follow up session at the end. The class gives children time to think through their decision, helps parents decide if and when their kids are ready, and empowers families to make important decisions together.

To RSVP for the next Children’s Baptism Course, please send your name and your child’s name, as well as their age and grade, to the email below.