Floors, Floors, and more Floors!

March 7, 2024

Can you believe there are just 3 more weeks until Easter? Things are really moving here at Calvary as we’re getting ready to welcome everyone!

Today, work began in the rest of the hallway and into the Venue in the Bellevue North building. Soon, this will look and feel just like the lobby, complete with polished concrete, walk-off carpet – and – even new carpet in the Venue!

Speaking of the Venue, teams worked this week to remove the tech booth and will soon re-work the sides of the stage. These changes open up the room for more seating, but also more functionality and storage. This room will be used as a church home for many on Sundays, and then all kinds of events throughout the week. We will also add acoustic treatment to the walls to enhance the worship experience. This is going to be a beautiful and functional space.

At Shadow Lake, teams made minor modifications to the front classroom by removing the window. This is now an open space that will be home to the coffee bar and other needs on Sunday mornings. Plans are in the works to open this room completely, possibly as soon as early Summer!

In the North Lobby, a new coffee bar is being constructed so we can accommodate everyone’s caffeine needs! Our goal is to streamline the experience while making space for everyone to visit.

This is all made possible by the generous gifts to the For Everyone Campaign! Thank you for giving of your resources so that we can make room to reach our One!