We exist to equip students to live and love like Jesus.

Collective Youth is the middle and high school ministry at Calvary. We’re dedicated to showing students that they matter to God, they matter to us, and they matter to his mission. Our goal is to connect students with each other and with committed leaders who can help them grow closer to Jesus.

Collective Yth

Collective Yth meets on Wednesday nights at each campus at 6:30pm for grades 6-12. Each night will consist of worship, groups, and fun!

Collective Groups

Middle School groups meet on Sunday mornings at all of our campuses. Bellevue North, Bellevue South, and Walnut Creek campuses hold groups at 9:15am. Our Shadow Lake and Glenwood campuses offer groups at 9:15am and 10:45am.

High School Groups are available too! Talk to your campus youth pastor to get involved.

CIY Move

Move is a 5-day high school event held all over the country designed to amplify the call of Christ
on students’ lives to become kingdom workers.

Summer Fusion

Fusion is a 4-day middle school event hosted by partnering churches in Nebraska, Iowa, and Colorado.
The goal of summer fusion is to see middle schoolers own their faith and impact others for Jesus.

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Calvary Youth Team

Andrew Bernal

Andrew Bernal

Bellevue South

Brandon Hair

Brandon Hair

Bellevue North

Chris Randall

Chris Randall

Walnut Creek

James Teutschmann

James Teutschmann

Shadow Lake

Zayne Connatser

Zayne Connatser


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