Who We Are

We exist to live and love like Jesus.

Our values reveal who Jesus calls us to be and they guide our decisions. We try to keep it really simple around here… we want to live and love like Jesus. We will strive to live out the spiritual disciples Jesus modeled: Loving God, Loving People, Discipleship, Service, Generosity, and Evangelism. These are our core values – what it looks like to live and love like Jesus in our daily lives, we summarize in six key statements – our core values.

Loving God with all of who we are all of the time.

Jesus showed us how to align our hearts to God and our lives to His mission. As His Church, we will gather to celebrate and seek this life that he calls us to!

Loving people the way that Jesus does.

Because God is love, he sent Jesus into the world to reveal his love for us. And Jesus commands us to love one another the way that He has loved us. The identifying mark of following Jesus is the way to love one another – every day and in every way.

Helping one another live a Christ-centered life.

Spiritual growth and life change happens best in smaller groups. We will encourage every believer to develop meaningful relationships with other Christians. Smaller groups are where we find and offer unconditional acceptance and loving accountability.

Making a difference by serving others with our time and abilities.

We were created to make a difference in our families, church, and in our community. Therefore, we value every believer’s God-given gifts and abilities and will work to equip and empower everyone to use those gifts to build up others.

Impacting the lives of others through intentional generosity.

When you financially support the work of Calvary, you’re not just helping us do what you see every weekend – you’re helping us make an even broader impact in and throughout our community.

Working together to reach one life at a time.

We value building intentional, authentic relationships with those who are yet to say yes to following Jesus. We will encourage and teach everyone to invest in and invite others towards Jesus.

A Christian Church

We are proud to be called Christians. We are not the only Christians, but we are Christians only. We claim no other name or denomination.

A Bible Church

The Bible is our standard of faith and practice. We seek to restore and follow the pattern of the church in the New Testament. The Bible is our one and only book of authority.

Christ’s Church

We belong to Christ. He is our Head, our Leader, our Lord, and our Savior. We have no creed but Christ, the Son of God.

A Non-Denominational Church

Within the will of Christ, all decisions for this church are made by the congregation. We choose leaders from our membership, but there is no outside governing body over us.

A Missions-Focused Church

More than 10% of our annual budget is used to support missions. We also receive a weekly offering for an individual in need who doesn’t have a church home in order to show them God’s love.

A Caring Church

Offerings designated “Macedonian Fund” are given to people from our community who are in a time of need. Special distributions are made during Thanksgiving and the Christmas holidays, but people are cared for throughout the year.

A Growing Church

Our purpose is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost world. We desire to save as many as possible. We teach the whole Bible in a systematic way to enable Christians to grow personally. We invite you to grow with us.