Why Groups?

Groups are important at Calvary because we believe that life change happens best in smaller groups! Groups are where we hang out, care for one another, and challenge one another.

Find A Group

We have groups in neighborhoods all over the area, groups for men, women, and couples, and groups that meet on every day of the week.

Start A Group

Whether you have a heart for connecting people or simply can’t find a group that fits your schedule and life, it’s easy to get a new group started! Grab a few friends or neighbors or make some new ones by starting a group.

Group FAQ’s

How often do Groups meet?

Groups meet on different days and times throughout the week. Some meet weekly, some meet every other week. Our GroupFinder has details on the day, time, and how often each group meets.

Where do Groups meet?

Groups meet in homes, restaurants, coffee shops, and Calvary locations all across the area. You can find a group in your neighborhood by searching the GroupFinder.

Is childcare provided?

Not every group offers childcare, but many do. If a group indicates that children are welcome, it means that either children are welcome in the group, there’s a babysitter, there’s formal childcare, or there is some sort of plan in place for children. Simply indicate while looking for a group that you need childcare.

What do Groups do?

Groups hang out, challenge each other, and care for one another. This looks like groups of people reading the Bible and praying with one another, serving one another, serving others together, celebrating and having fun together, and supporting one another. They can choose how to study the Bible – some through conversations about Calvary’s sermons, some through direct Bible study, some through books that teach about the Bible.


Still have any unanswered questions about groups?