September 21-25
CityServe is a yearly event, where we partner with over 80 churches in the Omaha metro area to show our communities unprecedented compassion.

Even though this year it will look a little bit different due to COVID-19, we still have the opportunity to build stronger relationships with those around us. Each day we will have an opportunity to serve someone around you. We will start the week focusing on our community through our school partnerships and neighborhoods, and boldly praying that god’s presence will be made known there. By the end of the week, we will be pouring into our onelife, those that god have put in our lives that do not know him.

Park Cleanup

Gather your friends, family, and some basic supplies and head to a school or park in your neighborhood to help clean it up! Or, meet up with some of our team at 6:30 pm to help clean up at any of the schools that we partner with – Carriage Hill, Avery, Gomez Heritage, Bryan Middle, or Bryan High School! Pick whichever one you’d like and we’ll see you there!

Neighborhood prayer walk


  1. People you know and the people that you don’t.
  2. That God’s presence would be felt in your neighborhood.
  3. For families that are going through hard times.
  4. That God would use you to bring good news and hope to the people around you.

Acts of Kindness to Neighbors

Focus on the people that live immediately around you. How can you reach out to them and show them that you are thinking about them? Get creative! You could make them cookies, mow their grass, write a note, or get a small gift!

Share A Meal

Who is one person in your life you can help serve and care for? Invite them over for a backyard BBQ, go out to eat, drop off a meal for their family, or call them and just catch up! Jesus spent time sharing meals with people – it’s a place where relationships are formed and strengthened!

Family/Friends Night

Our CityServe week ends by caring for those in our circles. Spend time with your family and your friends today. These are the people that we do life with that encourage and push us to be more like Jesus. Be grateful for those in your life today.


Use the images below to send to a friend and invite them to join you for City Serve! Or download our phone wallpaper to remind you each day to impact our community!

Right click the image, or press and hold on mobile, to save the images!

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Phone Background

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